Every online business should be using Stripe Climate

I built GoodJobs because I wanted to work on something that would make a meaningful impact on problems I care about. In the process, I'm learning that there's a way we can all do the same.

Climate change isn't going to fix itself. I'm not here to convince anyone that this is the case, or that the problem isn't as bad as it's made out to be. If you're in one of those camps, you probably won't get too much out of this. This post is about

The main points:

It's always been hard for me to reconcile my interests in technology and entrepreneurship with the fact that most of my projects wouldn't be helping the problem of human-caused climate change, or any other Really Important Issue. Obviously not everyone can or should feel like they have to work on these types of problems -- In the past, I didn't (and arguably I still don't really work on these problems. I work at a fintech company).

I think Stripe Climate (SC from here on) is a game-changer here. There is no other product like this -- no first-party way to allocate online revenue to carbon removal. There are other projects that allow you to integrate with carbon offset marketplaces, or subscribe to carbon removal efforts, but 1) they're not seamless 2) they don't automatically scale with your business, and 3) they don't fund exclusively carbon removal technology projects (most that I've seen are heavily weighted toward reforestation -- which is great, but there's something really compelling about new technological solutions to this problem).

Online businesses are the perfect vector for this type of solution. All of the things that make businesses like SaaS apps and content businesses really great for entrepreneurs (low overhead, scalability, etc.) make them great for sharing revenue with carbon removal projects. If the top 100 companies on IndieHackers allotted 1% of their revenue to SC, they would surpass Stripe's own $1M annual pledge to carbon removal projects. If you run one of these businesses, think about it: could you comfortably allocate 1%? 2%? 50%?

The fact that most of my past projects didn't directly contribute to problems I thought were important bothered me. Even working on GoodJobs, which has an indirect impact, felt incomplete. Revenue sharing with carbon removal projects turns that indirect impact into a direct impact, which is amazing. SC let's any online business have a direct impact. I'm sharing 50% of GoodJobs revenue with these projects via SC, but I don't think that level is necessary across all projects. I think every business could do 1%, and that would be massive.


Probably an exaggeration, but still.